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Isabelle Weiss

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"Spanning four decades within the localization, and now globalization, industries, we look forward to the future with enormous experience, excitement and enthusiasm. As one of the largest globally ranked providers - and with an exceptional team of talented, committed staff worldwide and a very loyal client base – we are perfectly placed to lead our industry and adapt to the ever-changing market. We have the in-house translator resource base to fully succeed in delivering continuous localization with ever quicker delivery. We embrace new technology, increase time and cost efficiencies, and pioneer best practice. And, as ever, we remain fully committed to delivering high-quality localization, technical competence and a best-of-class service to all our clients."

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Isabelle Weiss, Founder and Linguistic Director

St Andrew's House, Cambridge

Global Experience

over 25 years of innovation and adding value

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Global Resources

in-house, in-country production around the world

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Global Solution

'end to end' globalization and support

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