White Papers
Client Relationships – Infographic
Here's some tips and tricks for keeping business clients happy, engaged and coming back for more, from social media to the most effective way to communicate, it's a handy guide.
Client Relationships
Find different ways to reach out to clients and prospects, keep them engaged and make them feel special.
The Top 5 Global Automotive Marketing Campaigns
The ultimate status symbol? These marketing campaigns show how the cars, and the customers, could reinvent themselves.
The Top 5 automotive slogans of all time
Cars are bought with the heart as much as the head. Read how these slogans made customers fall in love.
How The Top 5 Automotive Firms Went Global
Great cars aren't just built, their brand is created through great translation, localization and transcreation.
Made to measure – KPIs that matter
Improving business client relationships with Key Performance Indicators and data that makes a difference.