Worx: a proprietary solution for workflow management
Worx enables users to better manage workflows through three dedicated entry points: a Client Portal, a Supplier Portal and a Management Portal.
Integrating localization and FQA processes
Our client, a global leader in ecommerce technology, approached Alpha to streamline and automate its approach to localization, functional quality assurance (FQA) and linguistic quality assurance (LQA).
Agile, global, integrated
How Alpha transformed a client’s globalization platform
A Passion for Fashion
How Alpha took on the creative task of copywriting product descriptions for one of the world’s leading ecommerce fashion retailers.
Creativity on Tap
When you’re a global food and beverage company, you know that no two markets are exactly alike.
From Regional to Global eCommerce – Infographic
How we took a regional ecommerce platform to global markets. We helped our apparel company client localize their website for 6 new territories, bringing their brand worldwide.
From Regional to Global eCommerce
Localizing your eCommerce platform to build your brand in new markets is no longer a “nice-to-have” option.
Working Weekends
The intricate system we had for working extra hours as effectively as possible to localize major fashion shows live.
Nestlé – a Case Study
Find out how we became Nestlé's one-stop shop for translation, localizing everything from slogans to legal documents.
Coping with Coronavirus
Localizing frontline medical information has never been more important. Here's how Alpha helped.
Creating an eLearning Video
Discover how Alpha and TAUS created an eLearning video about the differences between translation and transcreation.
Creating an eLearning Video – Infographic
The infographic of how Alpha and TAUS created an eLearning video about creative translation: transcreation.