30% Annual Saving
How our Translation, Editing and Proofreading (TEP) process saved a major FinTech company 30% of their annual budget.
8 million words in 4 days – Infographic
The infographic telling the story of how Alpha translated 8 million words in just 4 days for a major car manufacturer.
8 million words in 4 days
The story of how Alpha translated 8 million words in just 4 days for a major car manufacturer with amazing results.
A Day in Transcreation
An in-depth, in-vogue look at creative transcreation for fashion and luxury brands from one of our Spanish linguists.
Creating high quality localization for an automotive giant
Discover how an in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry creates high standards of translation and localization.
How an Italian Internet mail order retailer went global
How our LQA services helped an online fashion retailer localize newsletters into 11 languages in super-fast time.
Outsourcing localization effortlessly
How Alpha became a full-service localization partner for a world-leading luxury fashion brand.
Putting the local into localization
Localizing homepages isn't just about language. It's about selling the right products to the right people, culturally.
Putting the local into localization – Infographic
Cultural sensitivity and local insight helped Alpha localize homepages for a major fashion and homeware retailer.
Working Weekends – Infographic
The process we have for localizing major fashion shows live over the weekend explained in an easy-to-follow infographic.
Taking games localization into print
How we localized an iconic game for 18 languages with consistently high quality, ready for print and audio/video.
Terminology Management – Infographic
How we improved a software solutions company's termbase to work for their online localization projects and beyond.