Digital Experience & Technologies Endorsements

Transadaptation and collaboration with PayPal

“You folks are simply brilliant – you are unique in the way you go about everything, and it works – I guess it all comes from Isabelle, whatever she started just runs and runs!”

Localization Director, global SW publisher

“Our native speaker was very happy with the translations. The on-site training with your team has really helped to build understanding of our product and the production process.”

The world leader in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging cameras

“We all agree that Alpha’s LQA lead has been enthusiastic, quick to learn and very proactive. As you know, being an LQA Lead here is very demanding: to the complexity of the work we must add the constantly changing conditions, the very high number of production teams involved, the need for constant reeducation, the importance of good communication, and the aptitude to acquire technical skills.”

World-famous online auction and shopping website based in the Bay Area

“Thank you guys for helping us to release the product on time! Appreciate your flexibility and responsiveness!”

Senior Doc&Loc Manager at Kaspersky

“No doubt about it, Alpha’s experience with the range of Global Management Systems, and the number of technical staff on-hand to ‘walk us through’ made what would otherwise have been a heavy-lift into a pretty straightforward integration and launch – thanks to all.”

Director of L10n Technology, start-up global eCommerce corporation

“I have worked with Alpha for many years now. Our mutual co-operation has meant that structures and processes have evolved and grown adapting to the ever-changing requirements and challenges we face. While remaining a dependable and reliable supplier of high-quality translation services, Alpha have always been our valued and reliable Partner. Their focus on customer support and satisfaction has ensured our own success.”

Tatiana Chapman, Group Translations Manager at Domino

“What’s been so good is that Alpha CRC has been able to provide a scaled solution for 35 languages, whilst remaining a bespoke, in-house solution. We continue with our relationship and are highly impressed, and grateful for this level of global support!”

Localization Director, Boston-based technology corporation with a global client base

“Wow, thanks Roman! This is great work, and I’m extremely happy to see you take such initiative. Glad to see it improves the overall engineering work.”

Sr. International Experience Manager at Adobe

“Across the whole end-to-end localization process involving multiple languages and services, alongside significant yearly volumes, Alpha CRC has been exceptional.”

Snr Vice President, Globalization at Bay Area, global software corporation