Education and eLearning

Localizing education and eLearning content opens the door to large markets of new learners around the world.

As the training, education and eLearning sectors continue to evolve rapidly in the digital age, Alpha has acquired  a depth of experience in localizing content in diverse markets for all types of use.

One of our most rapidly growing markets is localizing eLearning platforms for leisure users. We localize apps and cloud-based tools and make it possible for individuals around the world to easily access pick-up-and-go informal programmes and to develop new skills and hobbies at their own pace.

Alpha has years of experience in localizing educational materials for curriculum-based learning for schools, colleges and universities. We’ve also worked for a large range of commercial training providers in localizing tools for professional development and organisational learning.

Expert localization by in-house teams

All types of learners benefit from expertly localized content which uses the language, terminology, tone, cultural references and visual identities they most connect with.

At Alpha, we have built in-house teams of native-speaking linguists and subject-matter experts to ensure all learning content is engaging, accurate and relevant to learners in target markets.

We also have expert technology and testing teams to integrate localized content seamlessly into digital learning platforms so that clients can be assured of quality while still achieving speed to market.

For the user, Alpha’s approach leads to a better learning experience for the user, whether learning a new hobby on an app, participating in a formal education programme, or furthering their professional development.

To find out more about Alpha’s experience and expertise in education and eLearning, please contact us here.