Education and eLearning

Learning from home and office-based training are growing trends. Alongside traditional educational material for STEM curricula, Alpha has expertise and deep experience localizing:

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS)
  • Educational Management Systems and Hardware (EMS/EMH)

Alpha is recognized as an expert in this area. Typically, an LMS is Internet- or smartboard-based software that:

  • Deploys, manages and tracks lessons and training
  • Reports on interactions between learner, content and instructor
  • Self-checks – questions within the instructions for eLearning
  • Provides lesson and module tests/quizzes
  • Mixes media: text, audio and visual and mnemonic devices

Alpha also provides localization for Curriculum Education, including:

  • Tutorial presentations (receptive & directive learning)
  • Guided discoveries
  • Role-play examples
  • Guided and unguided demonstrations
  • Simulations and practice
  • Games

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