Fintech and Finance

Alpha CRC provides localization solutions to some of the world’s leading fintech and finance firms, and enjoys a very high level of trust and acknowledgment. Across our global network of offices, we bring together some of the world’s leading talent in translation, localization and project management for this demanding sector, all experts in fintech and financial terminology and systems. This includes industry-specific technical documentation, marketing strategies, websites, digital assets, social media content and more.

Our dedicated, in-house teams of linguists translate and localize:

  • End-user sensitive architectures (digital front-ends, APIs, etc.)
  • Library installation guides
  • Language-sensitive content in the digital journey
  • Digital UX (mobile and web platforms, tools, codes, images, etc.)
  • Asset management and financial analysis reports
  • Currency trading systems (fiat and non-fiat)
  • Insurance products and materials
  • Websites, blogs, press releases and all digital content and reports.

Alpha CRC works under a consultancy approach, in which we focus on understanding our partners’ business model, strategy, target audience, and structures and processes, so we can develop a solution based on those needs.

Thanks to our unique in-house model, and our large network of professionals, we are able to work on tens of languages simultaneously while providing outstanding quality and consistency across all projects to meet your most demanding objectives in terms of end-user trust, brand perception, conversion rates, client on-boarding, and overall business goals.

In a 24/7 global marketplace, our technical infrastructure and agile workflows deliver round-the-clock localized solutions across multiple territories and time zones, and in over 100 languages.

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