Games Endorsements

“Alpha was of great help for us in supporting our localisation operations here at Jagex. After encountering a personnel shortage in one of our in-house teams, we quickly needed a replacement that could work locally from our offices. Their response was fantastic – without complications they were able to provide a dedicated translator who would work as an augmentation of our internal team for over half a year – directly from our offices. Setup and getting things into place were super smooth and efficient. During this time Alpha was a reliable partner for us who helped us maintain effective localisation operations and coverage.”

Matthias Papsdorf, Localization Manager at Jagex

“The delivered result was marvellous! The proofread results were absolutely fantastic. The result was one of the highest qualities I have ever seen while working with external vendors. Thank you for that!”

Rudiger Fehling, Localization Manager at Gameforge

“As a client there are 2 fundamental variables that you value from a language provider such as on-time delivery and quality of the delivery. In all the years that we have been collaborating with Alpha, they have helped us with every delivery which enable us to be on-time releasing content for all our international clients.”

Miguel Sepulveda, Global Localization Manager at King

“Big kudos to the Alpha games team! Super responsive, proactive and hassle-free. From project managers to linguists, you can tell they get highly engaged with your game content and deliver in style!”

Paul Davies, Head of Localization at Socialpoint