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Isabelle Weiss

Founder of ALPHA CRC

Our Woman in Localization

Isabelle Weiss is the original Woman in Localization! After more than 30 years the founder of Alpha still translates 7 days a week and based on her hands-on experience feels that despite the vast changes in technology translation is still a worthwhile pursuit and is best done in a multi-disciplinary environment.

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A president’s use of a risqué verb causes a translation conundrum…

Macron told Le Parisien newspaper: “Les non-vaccinés, j’ai très envie de les emmerder. Et donc on va continuer de le faire, jusqu’au bout.” Though perhaps more so outside of France, where it provoked a great deal of heated debate – and clearly caused a huge headache for translators and journalists.

When clapping hands is not enough

Just like in many countries around the globe nurses had heard a lot of clapping during the pandemic. But unlike everywhere else, feelings were strong that applause was not enough. The Swiss wanted real action, and change.

The chatting classes* OR From chats to conversational writing

For a few years now linguists, teachers and parents have been voicing their concerns about the deterioration of (young) people’s writing skills. Many blame the social media, tweeting and chatting. Others maintain that these forms of written conversations are actually an outlet for creativity, providing young people with the opportunity to express themselves in writing when otherwise they wouldn’t.

Where have all the Translators gone?

That’s the heading of an article by the Guardian (Sunday 14 November). More precisely, it should say: “Where have all the Subtitlers gone?”

Translators belong on the Book Cover!

Please click on the Link at the bottom to sign this very worthwhile petition demanding respect for translators – “Translators on the Cover”.

Why women need the office

No, no, this heading is not by me. It’s the Bartleby article of the Economist, August 28th issue. I could not believe my eyes. What was that about? Surely this is offensive and not politically correct?

Interesting translations – The Acorn BBC Micro

Between 1979 and 1983 the BBC developed an ambitious initiative, called the BBC Computer Literacy Project. The people behind it had a grand vision. They were on a mission to help the general public, i.e. their viewers, to understand and make use of information technology.