Lifestyle and Luxury Endorsements

“The transcreation for the latest campaign was snappy, original and well-crafted – precisely as we discussed. We’re really pleased with the work done here in the central team, and the local marketing stakeholders are very happy with the outcome – thank goodness!”

Localization and Marketing Manager, global cosmetics company based in the US

“The workflow procedure is going very well. We’re receiving very fast responses from Alpha in the defined slots.  My best wishes to you all for a lovely holiday season and thanks for contributing to the success of this process.”

Localization Director – Major listed company on Milan Stock Exchange and one of the greatest companies in fashion eCommerce

“A global luxury fashion brand, certainly one of the most famous, and based in London, is very positive about our multilingual work for them. Not only did they recently receive the translated content with a smile, but also commented on how positive it would be seen in the market. We got full marks for approval from this most iconic of British labels.”

A global luxury fashion brand based in London

“What would I do without you Jamie! Thank You! I super appreciate the communication! You guys are the best!”

Producer at Roughouse