White Papers
The Worker and the Workspace
Which workplace technology really boosts productivity?
Client Relationships – Infographic
Here's some tips and tricks for keeping business clients happy, engaged and coming back for more, from social media to the most effective way to communicate, it's a handy guide.
Client Relationships
Find different ways to reach out to clients and prospects, keep them engaged and make them feel special.
Are wearables fashion or IT
Your smartwatch, your Bluetooth headphones, your wireless earbuds: helping you live, work and look fantastic.
How localization in fashion can win or lose a campaign
Taking a unique brand voice and localizing it for regional audiences is crucial for fashion labels going global.
How the top 5 fashion labels went global
We explore how Nike, Louis Vuitton, H&M, Zara and Hermès used localization strategies to expand into new global markets.
Onboarding new clients the fashionable way
Great fashion localization project management starts with the onboarding process, aligning processes and tools.
The language of fashion
Cultural adaptation is crucial when localizing the language of fashion for different regional audiences – read why.
The worlds top 10 best fashion websites
Alpha takes a look at what makes the world’s best fashion websites so stylishly effective to global audiences.
Truly translating fashion – Appealing to Russian South American and Arabic markets
Find out how cultural insight makes marketing fashion in Russia, South America and Arab countries more effective.
Video en vogue – how video changed the fashion industry forever
How the fashion industry embraced video and why great video content deserves top localization for regional audiences.
Has the CAT got your tongue
Computer Aided Translation and you: a guide to Machine Translation (MT) from Alpha's linguistic and technical experts.