Northern light – The emergence of e-Estonia
In our connected online world, this is perhaps the most incredible digital transformation story of them all.
Quality as Standard
You want the final stage in your localization process to be a success. Here’s a guide on how to optimize your LQA workflow.
Under One Roof – Infographic
Alpha is an in-house localization company across the world, and we explain how this model helps us get better client outcomes, more reliable work and excellent results.
Under One Roof
An interview with Alpha’s founder, Isabelle Weiss
Creating an ideal QA process
We explore quality assurance best practices for translation, including workflow, efficiency and client relationships.
Made to measure – KPIs that matter
Improving business client relationships with Key Performance Indicators and data that makes a difference.
Linguistic Quality Auditing
Alpha's new service: Linguistic Quality Auditing, understand how you can improve your localized content.