Linguistic QA

Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) is the heart and soul of translation and localization. At Alpha, our specially trained QA testers scour translated and localized text with a fine-toothed comb on 100+ languages. This guarantees:

  • Fluency
  • Correct grammar
  • No typos or mistakes
  • The text reflects the message and information of the source material

With Linguistic Quality Assurance models such as the DQF-MQM metric and an effective workflow, our in-house linguists and specialists are consistent, thorough and, of course, assure quality in every aspect and across every sector.

Our typical workflow process involves the following carefully executed steps:

  1. Test case preparation and training. The client provides test cases and scope for each testing phase and, if the use of specific tools is required, training will be given at this early stage.
  2. Testing environment preparation. We will liaise with the client, asking all relevant environment questions to prepare.
  3. Style guides and glossaries. We make sure that any language-specific style guides and/or glossaries are provided to our testers in good time.
  4. Comprehensive reporting process. We look towards the client for how they would like us to undertake the overall reporting process, including the reporting of bugs using tools such as Jira. Also, at this stage, the categorization of bugs will be agreed upon with the client, including the level of detail they want in our bug reports.
  5. Start of testing. The client lets us know when the product is ready for testing on any web and mobile platform, and the tester receives the hand-off to start testing.
  6. Client feedback and end of testing. The client sends feedback regarding any issues raised by the test lead. The testing phase ends when all the test cases have been executed for all the relevant platforms and all the bugs have been filed.

Alpha has designed this comprehensive testing process so, no matter what material you send us for LQA testing, or if it’s a case of simply evaluating a translation, you can be confident that it will be subjected to the most thorough testing process available, for a price that is competitive and fair.

Of course, sometimes such a rigorous testing procedure is not required. Alpha also offers a simpler, faster service which focuses on evaluating material that has been translated, and assigning error categories and sub-categories, then using a scorecard method to measure the severity levels.

We run long-term LQA projects for several clients, some weekly and/or daily, keeping projects consistent and on-track.