White Papers
Multilingual 3.0 (Pt. 8): 4 predictions for the future of internationalization
With technology changing, internationalization increasingly involves trying to predict potential geopolitical issues which could affect the ways in which products work in different locales. Find out more from Jonathan Chan.
Multilingual 3.0 (Pt. 5): Four predictions for the future of enterprise localization
More content, more channels, more markets: how are the global enterprises of today going to meet the localization challenges of tomorrow?
Multilingual 3.0 (Pt. 1): 4 predictions for the future of MT
It’s fair to say that across every industry sector analysts are asking: what happens next?
Why and how to localize for the Japanese market?
With so many complexities in the Japanese language, both in terms of speaking and writing, in addition to various levels of politeness, thorough localization is vital to successfully convey your messages.
6 essential tips for localizing into Korean and Japanese
We talked to our language experts in Japan and South Korea to find out their top tips for localizing into their respective languages.
Are long-tail languages the future?
Industry giants are expanding into global markets you might not expect.
Northern light – The emergence of e-Estonia
In our connected online world, this is perhaps the most incredible digital transformation story of them all.
Under One Roof – Infographic
Alpha is an in-house localization company across the world, and we explain how this model helps us get better client outcomes, more reliable work and excellent results.
Under One Roof
An interview with Alpha’s founder, Isabelle Weiss
Medical Device Localization
Find out why it is important to localize medical devices and how cultural awareness can improve communication all round.
Has the CAT got your tongue
Computer Aided Translation and you: a guide to Machine Translation (MT) from Alpha's linguistic and technical experts.
Does global management software make for an agile localization process
Exploring the steps and complex processes behind optimizing translation, machine translation and chasing Waterfalls.