White Papers
Multilingual 3.0 (Pt. 2): Humans and machines, not humans vs. machines
We talked to Alpha’s founder Isabelle Weiss about her thoughts on how “human” translation continues to evolve.
Multilingual 3.0 (Pt. 1): 4 predictions for the future of MT
It’s fair to say that across every industry sector analysts are asking: what happens next?
What’s the future of translation technology?
If you’ve ever wondered about what the future of translation and localization services looks like, here’s a good place to start.
Neural MT beyond the hype
Once seen as a side-line for nerds and techies, Machine Translation (MT) is now an integral part of the localization industry. It is as unavoidable as Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, and as familiar to translators worldwide as Google.
Has the CAT got your tongue
Computer Aided Translation and you: a guide to Machine Translation (MT) from Alpha's linguistic and technical experts.
Fair pricing of MT projects
Alpha's taming of Machine Translation (MT). We look at the proper pricing and processes for automated projects.
Human vs machine
An interview with Alpha's founder, female entrepreneur Isabelle Weiss, on the future of translation and language.
Localization lingo what is in a TEnT
A handy glossary for the vocab around localization, Translation EnvironmenT (TEnT) and Machine Translation (MT).