A Guide to Multilingual Creative Content and Strategy

How to build brand value with marketing translation, transcreation and multilingual copywriting

The eBook is close to 200 pages long and may take a couple of minutes to download, but we hope it is worth the wait…

Who is this eBook for?

This eBook is essential reading for:

What does this eBook cover?

This eBook provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of multilingual creative content and strategy based on detailed research across a wide range of referenced sources – see our chapter summaries below.

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction: An introduction to why brands localize creative marketing content and outline of what this guide covers
  • Chapter 2 – Definitions: Detailed definitions of key terms including marketing translation, transcreation, multilingual copywriting and the differences between them
  • Chapter 3 – International SEO: The role of
    marketing translation, transcreation
    and multilingual copywriting.
  • Chapter 4 – The professionals: How marketing translators, transcreators and copywriters work, including key skills, training paths and career profiles.
  • Chapter 5 – The creative process: How to manage the creative process including best practices and examples of marketing translation, transcreation and multilingual copywriting in action. Also includes guides on how to create the perfect creative brief and how to define brand tone of voice.
  • Chapter 6 – Technology: How technology is used to support the creation and localization of creative content, including an exploration of content authoring, digital asset management and product information management tools.
  • Chapter 7 Economics: Analysing the price structures for marketing translation, transcreation and copywriting, how to get best value from these services and the different kinds of service providers available in the creative content ecosystem.
  • Chapter 8 – Conclusion: The six key take-away messages from this eBook, including the value of the native brand experience and why creativity needs to be localized, not translated.