Localization, Translation and Multilingual Content

Meet the Team

Peter Nash

Peter brings an exceptional level of technical and practical experience to Alpha translation projects. He has been involved in the development and application of many innovative tools, techniques and processes for the industry and has created several proprietary software products for localization projects since the 1980s. Peter has been a fellow of Christ’s and Churchill Colleges, Cambridge, and is a graduate of Cambridge University.

Isabelle Weiss

Isabelle, from Zug in Switzerland, has 40 years of professional experience translating from English and French into German (amounting to some 30 million translated words). She was chief examiner and chief moderator for the Institute of Linguists DipTrans for a number of years. Apart from “industrial” translation she is fascinated by literature and literary translation and was instrumental in getting one of the greatest works of German 20th century literature published in English, Albert Vigoleis Thelen’s "Island of Second Sight". She has also followed with great interest the evolution of machine translation over the past 30 years, but feels that even now, human creativity and cooperation is essential when quality matters.

Paul Mangell

Having lived and worked in many countries, Paul speaks a number of languages fluently and has been in the language services industry since 1981. A firm believer in building deep, production-based relationships, he has managed the accounts for many global clients. He now heads up Alpha's marketing activities worldwide. Paul holds a Master's degree from Exeter University and is a keen musician in his spare time.

Fernando Blasi

Fernando holds a degree from the University of Venice and is a former employee of Corel Corporation and the World Bank. He has over 20 years’ localization experience, including many years managing large-scale multilingual projects for some of the industry’s biggest players, and is therefore very comfortable providing consultancy to clients. Fernando is typically also involved in designing and influencing processes, assisting in and promoting localization solutions.

Vassilis Chamalidis

Vassilis brings significant international experience to Alpha. He has worked in business development and general management positions in a number of international companies, including Procter & Gamble, Mercer Management Consulting and Brambles Industries in France, Italy, the Czech Republic, and the US. Prior to joining Alpha, Vassilis was the CEO of LinguaNet, a localization company with offices throughout Europe. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and is fluent in English, French, German, Italian, and Greek.

Anton Iljin

A graduate of Tallinn Technical University, Anton has been in the software testing industry for over 20 years. He was founder and CEO for SQA Partners, a large QA and Testing company and through this has extensive experience of working with many ‘blue chip’ companies, including Symantec, Adobe, Autodesk, Dell, HP, Skype and Broadcom.