Technology Endorsements

“We are really pleased with the use of Worx. The portal speeds up our translation request management and allows us to interact directly with our internal and external suppliers but also with our clients. The support team always listens to our customization requests and is very responsive to any technical issues.”

National leader in postal solutions

“We have been using Worx since 2010 for our language project management, and it has been a reliable friend through all that time. It has always been clear that the system has been designed and maintained by people who understand the very specific requirements for managing translation and interpreting projects – and it is ideally suited to our ISO9001 Quality Management.”


“Worx supports our project management efforts. Project-related files can be found with ease and client and supplier data is only few clicks away. Worx covers our entire project lifecycle from the creation of quotations all the way to invoicing.”


“The Worx architecture is smart and flexible, open and can be customized. The Database structure is also smart and works well for our reporting.”