Technology Partners

Transifex is a proprietary, web-based translation platform used as a globalization management system (GMS). It targets technical projects with frequently updated content, such as software, documentation and websites and encourages the automation of the localization workflow by integrating with the tools used by developers.

Transifex is provided as software as a service (SaaS). It features paid plans as well as a free plan for localizing open source software. Transifex itself was originally an open source project, but the development of an open source version of the software was discontinued in 2013. Hence, any further improvement of Transifex is only available to users of the proprietary Transifex SaaS.

The site provides a hosting platform for translation files and social networking functions such as feeds, discussion boards, translation suggestions and voting to allow translators to work collaboratively.

Content Quo‘s translation quality management software as a service (SaaS) platform powers linguistic quality programs for human and machine translation, helping to reduce the risk of poor linguistic quality, improve vendor performance and boost machine translation output quality.

By integrating with leading translation manage solutions, Content Quo makes it easy to define, measure, analyse, and improve translation quality at scale with data-driven methods.

As Machine Translation and post-editing gather pace, and are used ever more widely in translation processes, ContentQuo’s value lies in helping identify and manage the output quality, as well as providing a platform for a range of LQA programs.

Lokalise is an all-in-one translation management system that enables automated, flexible, and structured localization workflows and collaboration. With Lokalise you can manage all your software localization projects in one platform – apps, websites, games, help docs, marketing materials, and more. Thanks to numerous available integrations and automation tools, it enables faster multilingual product release times with significantly fewer developer hours involved.

Alpha CRC has invested in its relationship with Lokalise, a company that shares its values of smart, human and global.

Alpha was an early adopter of memoQ and has the world’s biggest number of servers and user licenses.

Alpha bought the first server with the specific purpose of localising a huge online game as it allowed the translators to share the translation memory and termbase in real time, while being a very cost-effective solution. As it proved a great success, more servers and desktop licenses were bought and it became Alpha’s preferred translation tool because it allowed the in-house translators to work more efficiently and allowed us to replace a host of other tools with a single one.

By allowing the translators and project managers to mainly work in a single tool, they all became ‘super users’, utilising the many advanced features, something that is much harder to achieve if you have to change between a handful of tools every day.

The API has enabled us to develop more automation and custom features, so we have built complex integrations with client systems to transfer not only content for translation but also metadata for our internal CMS, LQA, Auto-Quote and other reporting systems.