Thought pieces

Trust Issues: Why fintechs should care about marketing channel localization
In our third Trust Issues piece, we look beyond linguistic localization to explore how users engage with marketing content in different ways across the globe.
AI in International UI/UX Design
Creating the best user experience (UX) across all markets is the goal of any international enterprise. So how will AI help us to create better local experiences on a global scale?
Rainbow warriors
How the world of video games has (slowly) come to terms with the LGBT+ dimension
Multilingual NLP challenges in 2021
Does NLP-powered machine translation have in-built limits due to the nature of language itself?
Trust Issues: Is minority language the new major thing?
Businesses looking for global expansion will spend their money on reaching the widest customer base, naturally, but there is a huge amount of untapped potential in those smaller languages, too.
Trust Issues: Are fintechs losing users because of poor localization?
According to a report from September 2020, fintechs lose about 26% of users due to application abandonment during KYC (Know Your Customer) processes.
Why the User eXperience is dominating software development
From function and feel to experience, we explore how and why software development is dominated by user experience.
Top 10 inspirational women in fashion
From Anna Wintour to Beyoncé, take a look through our top ten inspirational women shaping the fashion industry today.
Pyramid beauty schemes
How multi-level marketing schemes have evolved to use social media to attract beauty customers in the digital age.
How knitting got its groove back
A look into how knitting became a seriously credible hobby amongst hipsters looking for some artisan authenticity.
From clean living to tidy profits
Live cleaner, be greener, and the world will love you more. But will it ever be enough?
The worlds best race tracks
Live fast, drive faster? The world’s most thrilling international race tracks, fully localized, listed here.