White Papers
Multilingual 3.0 (Pt. 8): 4 predictions for the future of internationalization
With technology changing, internationalization increasingly involves trying to predict potential geopolitical issues which could affect the ways in which products work in different locales. Find out more from Jonathan Chan.
Tools for Teamwork – Infographic
We break down our top 5 picks for online communication, meetings and workflow management technology and systems for working in a team and working remotely.
Tools for Teamwork
We’ve just completed our analysis of six of the most popular collaborative platforms, based on our own experience working across our network.
Customizing Workflow Management
How a localization workflow management software program like Worx can make your project run like clockwork.
Has the CAT got your tongue
Computer Aided Translation and you: a guide to Machine Translation (MT) from Alpha's linguistic and technical experts.
Does global management software make for an agile localization process
Exploring the steps and complex processes behind optimizing translation, machine translation and chasing Waterfalls.
Fair pricing of MT projects
Alpha's taming of Machine Translation (MT). We look at the proper pricing and processes for automated projects.
Human vs machine
An interview with Alpha's founder, female entrepreneur Isabelle Weiss, on the future of translation and language.
Interoperability in the CAT toolset
We explore how Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools can communicate, exchange and process data between systems.
Localization lingo what is in a TEnT
A handy glossary for the vocab around localization, Translation EnvironmenT (TEnT) and Machine Translation (MT).