Copy Editing

It seems impossible to put a price on perfection. Fortunately, with Alpha, perfection is extremely affordable. The finishing copy-editing touches on any piece of written, translated or transcreated content can be the deciding factor between a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ from your prospective client or board. Typographical mistakes, poor grammar and incorrectly used words can easily be missed by the writer themselves.

And it isn’t only freshly created content that benefits from a copy-editing process. Content which has been translated or transcreated from a source language into a target language will also profit from this secondary review process. For instance, if content has been machine translated or translated by a non-native speaker, it is often imperative that it be proofread, reviewed and/or copyedited, particularly for B2C products.

Working closely with linguists and subject matter experts, our copywriting and copyediting team can review, edit and rework your content to your precise brief. Whether you require a ‘light proofread’, an overhaul in terms of style and tone, or a complete message redraft, our teams will work closely with you to make sure we provide the exact service you need.

We work with many industry sectors, including:

We are accustomed to proofreading, reviewing and copyediting a comprehensive range of content, such as:

  • In-game story content and dialogue, notifications and information
  • Marketing content, case studies, email campaigns, etc
  • Training and instruction manuals
  • Website content with full SEO
  • Social media copy
  • HR and legal material

Depending on the exact nature of the content – the intended tone or message, and whether it’s for leisure or of vital importance – our copyediting specialists will be able to tailor their approach to the task. For instance, game dialogue which has been machine-translated from Chinese into English will be treated very differently to website content for a medical devices site.

For smoother continuity and improved communication, Alpha can create a full end-to-end service for your content needs, including full final-stage proofreading, reviewing and copyediting.