Multilingual 3.0 (Pt. 4): Four predictions for the future of creative content and copywriting
We look at how digital transformation is affecting the processes of creative content creation.
Under One Roof – Infographic
Alpha is an in-house localization company across the world, and we explain how this model helps us get better client outcomes, more reliable work and excellent results.
Under One Roof
An interview with Alpha’s founder, Isabelle Weiss
Improve your online presence
Our sector experts can help you add information, explanations and guides to your website to boost its rankings and keep your customers engaged.
How Social Media can work for your business
If your company is not on social media, then your customers will go to a competitor who is.
The language of fashion
Cultural adaptation is crucial when localizing the language of fashion for different regional audiences – read why.
Truly translating fashion – Appealing to Russian South American and Arabic markets
Find out how cultural insight makes marketing fashion in Russia, South America and Arab countries more effective.
Has the CAT got your tongue
Computer Aided Translation and you: a guide to Machine Translation (MT) from Alpha's linguistic and technical experts.
Human vs machine
An interview with Alpha's founder, female entrepreneur Isabelle Weiss, on the future of translation and language.
The real meaning of cultural adaptation
When translation isn't enough. Cultural adaptation, AKA localization, into the language used by local people.
Translation or transcreation
Translated text or creatively transcreated text? That is the question. Our expert linguists can do both.
What is the ideal content for translation
Tips for getting your original content ready for translation, including context, material and brand tone and guidelines.