White Papers
Untranslatable words
Examples of terms that cannot be translated into one word in English, taken from countries around the world.
The language of diversity
Diversity is becoming a more rapidly learnt language as we become more 'woke'.
The diversity of language
The concept of ‘language’ is usually assumed to be something spoken and written. What about the languages that aren’t 'words' at all?
Catalan – Not really a minority language
One study estimates that 90% of current existing languages will disappear by 2050.
Multilingual 3.0 (Pt. 2): Humans and machines, not humans vs. machines
We talked to Alpha’s founder Isabelle Weiss about her thoughts on how “human” translation continues to evolve.
Why and how to localize for the Japanese market?
With so many complexities in the Japanese language, both in terms of speaking and writing, in addition to various levels of politeness, thorough localization is vital to successfully convey your messages.
6 essential tips for localizing into Korean and Japanese
We talked to our language experts in Japan and South Korea to find out their top tips for localizing into their respective languages.
Localizing into Chinese: the two most common questions answered
What’s the difference between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese? Does localizing into “Chinese” mean localizing into Mandarin, Cantonese or both?
Are long-tail languages the future?
Industry giants are expanding into global markets you might not expect.
What’s the future of translation technology?
If you’ve ever wondered about what the future of translation and localization services looks like, here’s a good place to start.
The New Global Linguist
World Ready linguistic resources, specialised in gobal sectors, producing at scale and speed, harnessing technology from AI to MT and the whole range of CAT tools - this is the age of the New Global Linguist.
Under One Roof – Infographic
Alpha is an in-house localization company across the world, and we explain how this model helps us get better client outcomes, more reliable work and excellent results.