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Multilingual 3.0 (Pt. 1): 4 predictions for the future of MT
It’s fair to say that across every industry sector analysts are asking: what happens next?
The instability of meaning: what challenges does multilingual NLP face in 2021?
From chatbots to digital assistants, in 2021 multilingual NLP is already an established part of the fabric of our lives. But, despite their ubiquity, NLP-powered solutions are far from infallible.
Why and how to localize for the Japanese market?
With so many complexities in the Japanese language, both in terms of speaking and writing, in addition to various levels of politeness, thorough localization is vital to successfully convey your messages.
6 essential tips for localizing into Korean and Japanese
We talked to our language experts in Japan and South Korea to find out their top tips for localizing into their respective languages.
Localizing into Chinese: the two most common questions answered
What’s the difference between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese? Does localizing into “Chinese” mean localizing into Mandarin, Cantonese or both?
Are long-tail languages the future?
Industry giants are expanding into global markets you might not expect.
How to localize AV content in 10 steps
If you’ve created great AV content, localizing for new markets is the best way to secure a solid return on your investment.
Creating a brief for a corporate video
The process of creating a great corporate video starts way before the cameras are rolling.
The ultimate guide to voice-over localization
What are the different types of voice-over localization on offer? And which will best suit your audience (and your budget)?
How do you dub a Hollywood star?
What are they key qualities to a great voice-over? How do the professionals approach a project in which the drama must always be precisely synchronised to the original?
Five key trends for AV content in 2021
Most people consume some kind of audiovisual content at least once every day. In 2021, this content is set to evolve even further and in a lot of different ways. Here, we’ve identified five of the most important.
Northern light – The emergence of e-Estonia
In our connected online world, this is perhaps the most incredible digital transformation story of them all.