White papers

Tools for Teamwork
We’ve just completed our analysis of six of the most popular collaborative platforms, based on our own experience working across our network.
Market Research – Infographic
Know your demographic, culturally, politically and historically to sell well.
Improve your online presence
Our sector experts can help you add information, explanations and guides to your website to boost its rankings and keep your customers engaged.
How Social Media can work for your business
If your company is not on social media, then your customers will go to a competitor who is.
Customizing Workflow Management
How a localization workflow management software program like Worx can make your project run like clockwork.
Medical Device Localization
Find out why it is important to localize medical devices and how cultural awareness can improve communication all round.
FMCG Faster than Ever
Discover how localization is turning the FMCG sector into a global market, and how you can benefit from it.
Fast Money
We explore the linguistic currency, the future of banking, and the fluency required by the top FinTech brands.
Making your eLearning course multilingual
Learn how to localize your eLearning course, and create content that bridges borders and works across languages.
The Top 5 Global Automotive Marketing Campaigns
The ultimate status symbol? These marketing campaigns show how the cars, and the customers, could reinvent themselves.
The Top 5 automotive slogans of all time
Cars are bought with the heart as much as the head. Read how these slogans made customers fall in love.
How The Top 5 Automotive Firms Went Global
Great cars aren't just built, their brand is created through great translation, localization and transcreation.